Territorial development




  • Existence of pronounced disparities among and within planning regions, as well as between rural and urban municipalities
  • Municipalities do not contribute sufficiently (limited capacity) to accelerating local socio-economic development
  • Pronounced trend of migrations (internal and external)
  • The available financial resources are insufficient for smooth implementation of municipal responsibilities
  • Localizing climate action and adaptation to climate change
  • Modernization of the approach to spatial and urban planning and its alignment with climate and green policies
  • Necessary prerequisites for accelerated digital transformation of municipal services into e-services.
  • Destruction of arable agricultural land and the environment in rural and suburban municipalities and increased urbanization
  • The regional aspect of agricultural and rural development policy
  • Integral system for mapping, prevention and efficient addressing of risks from natural and industrial disasters
  • Balance between commercial interests in the use of natural resources and public interests in their sustainable use
  • Combating corruption at the local-municipal level  •        Dehumanization of the urban (city) environment
  • Monocentric development of the Republic of North Macedonia
  • Public and private investments aimed at ensuring regional development
  • Regional disparities in the provision of public services and quality of life
  • The workforce in planning regions and investment in human capital
  • New railway infrastructure
  • New road infrastructure
  • Intermodal transportation
  • Intelligent transportation systems
  • Modal distribution of travel
  • Existing railway infrastructure
  • Existing road infrastructure
  • Urban transportation infrastructure
  • Vehicles for road transport
  • Traffic safety
  • Trend of degradation of the ecological status of water bodies
  • Infrastructure for water supply and waste management
  • Remediation of historically hot ecological spots - contaminated areas
  • Low public awareness of the challenges related to environmental pollution and its impact on public health
  • Sustainable mechanisms for cooperation between municipalities and planning regions with citizen associations


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